The book about the leaked about terror: The court halts its publication. (The Sankei Shimbun, 産経新聞)

“The book about the leaked about terror: The court halts its publication. A Muslim allegates that.” (流出テロ本、出版差し止め決定 イスラム教徒申し立て)(the Sankei Shimbun(産経新聞). There is also the same article on Iza!, the Sankei Shimbun‘s official blog community.)

I added Spy & Terror, a blog having an entry about that news: About the leak of Koan’s Terror data, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department should acknowledge the name list of the investigators.(公安テロ資料流出で警視庁は捜査員名簿を認めるべき), to Des Liends de Emmanuel Chanel my links page.

I got know that news at 22:25 29 Nov., 2010, two hours later, by a chat. Maybe, the leak to the net is more serious. But hearing that the data is sold as a book, I got such a panic that I posted an entry (Japanese) on this blog. So I felt the news good, although it can be misreading.

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I added and some DDNS services to my links page. is a website about networking and about games. The site owner is a friend known on IRC@2ch. As I’ve posted an entry before,I use his DDNS service. Since I found by seeing this blog’s administration panel that he links his blog to my Japanese blog, I linked back.

At this chance, I added that and other DDNS services used by me(, ieServer.Net, and No-IP – Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP.); to Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel, my links page and made “Networking” category.

Making a category of Ubuntu Linux, I link the websites related to that.

Ubuntu Linux is the most popular Linux distribution for the desktop, based on Debian unstable(sid). I had been interested in Ubuntu Linux for a long time, to install Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat on 11 Oct., 2010 but I haven’t linked the related websites on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel, my links page.

I linked the websites with their explanations below.

Ubuntu homepage | Ubuntu
The official website of Ubuntu Linux, the most popular linux distribution nowadays for easy installation, distributed as live CDs. It has a wiki for support.
Ubuntu Forums
The official English forum of Ubuntu Linux.
Ubuntu Europe
The Europe community of Ubuntu Linux. They record the logs of the official channels including #ubuntu and #ubuntu-jp , the Japanese channel on FreeNode, an IRC network.
Home | Ubuntu Japanese Team
The Japanese community of Ubuntu Linux. They distribute their own packages for Japanese on their own repository and the Japanese Remix CD with the packages. You can get supports on its forum. And there’s also a wiki for built-up information.

I link the official website of Mr. Tadanobu Bandou (坂東忠信), the author of “An Interpreting Investigator (通訳捜査官)”

Seeing some blogs referring the Senkaku Islands incident, on one of the blogs, someone introduced Mr. Tadanobu Bandou (坂東忠信)‘s What I Know From the Increase of Foreigners’ Crimes, that seems to have become a mirror of the other blog with a same name on Ameba. I added its RSS feed to Emmanuel Chanel’s Favorite RSS(Japanese) on Iza!, the official blog community of the Sankei Shinbun Newspaper (産経新聞).

Although I read An Interpreting Investigator (通訳捜査官) on a bookstore without buying, I feel it very good that he describes Chinese unrepentant mentality in the sight of a police detective.

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“Leaked ‘Koan Terror Informations’ Published by Dai-San Shokan(第三書館), Inserting the Real Names and Face Pictures (of the agents)”, a Much More Serious problem than “Senkaku Video Leak”

“Leaked ‘Koan Terror Informations’ Published by Daisan Shokan(第三書館), Inserting the Real Names and Face Pictures (of the agents)” (流出「公安テロ情報」出版 第三書館、実名や顔写真掲載)(the Asahi Shimbun(朝日新聞))

In Japan, hidden by the Senkaku Islands incident between the Chinese “fish boat” and Japan Coast Guard‘s and its leak, there is the big problem that the information of the terrorists and our agents are leaked from the 3rd Foreign Affiars Division of Public Security Bureau(Koan-bu, 公安部) of Keishicho(警視庁), Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

cf. Keishicho Terror Information Scatters 13 countries and areas. Between to Pursue Responsibility and to Save their Credibility, the Police be Torn.(警視庁テロ情報、13の国・地域に拡散 責任追及と信用確保…苦悩する警察)(Iza!, the Sankei Shimbun‘s official blog community.) etc.

This is the much more problem and many famous conservative blogs points so. But it’s hidden by the former problem.

The news is that Dai-San Shokan, of Japanese Red Army, a far left terror group(cf. its Japanese item of Wikipedia and Tsujimoto’s “Cousins” “Bought 31” at Dai-San Shokan / Hiro-san’s Diary(Added at 13:07 JST)), publishes the information to sell in public. And it will blow Japanese intelligence actions and our agents in addition.
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