I fix up the links to branches of Society for History Textbook Reform(Tsukuru-kai).

Actually, on 18 Dec., one week before the second last entry, Momotarou Web Board is moved and I fixed the link on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel. It’s because Kidd Communications, the CGI forums rental service of the web board and we realize that late. But The Web Board for (Sakurako’s) Supporting History Textbook Reform still exists and I wonder why. And… I felt like fixed up the links to the branches on my links page.
The method is to check the links on Tsukuru-kai’s links page and I find many dead links on it, showing downhill of Tsukuru-kai‘s movement.

I’m thinking of updating my websites.

Actually, I have put out 永遠に断片的な小説もどき (Eternally Scrappy Noveloid), the memorandom site of my imagination in private, undeleted its first web edition as 永遠に断片的な小説もどき 第1版 (Eternally Scrappy Noveloid the 1st edition), and so on. But I cannot have put together, I feel.

When I posted the last entry, I made “The Issue of Whaling”, a new category on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel and added The Issue of Whaling Fixing Up wiki and some blogs on it.

* Added at 07:53 on 5 Jan.
I changed “Eternally Scrappy Noveloid”‘s URI from http://private.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/ to http://www.private.emmanuelc.yuuna.org/ after posting this entry. But I didn’t refer that. And now, I’vechanged it back.

I Added Some Links to Some Blogs and Some Related Websites on Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel.

I added all websites on Emmanuel Chanel’s Favorite RSS (Hereinafter, I call it Favorite RSS) of Iza!, the news website and Sankei Shimbun’s Official Blog Community but not linked from Des Liens de Emmanuel Chanel (The links page of this website. Hereinafter, I call it the Links Page.).
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反日ワクチン (Hannichi Wakuchin, Vaccine to Anti-Japan) and its last entries about F Kikan and India

反日ワクチン (Hannichi Wakuchin, Vaccine to Anti-Japan) is a blog refuting anti-Japanese views by quoting books of people living in the argued periods. Valuable to see it although it’s not updated from the last entry on 29 Jul. 2008, with announcing that it stopped in the summer. It’s a blog but its content can be a stable website since it’s not basically a diary. I’ve alreday known it for a long time but I didn’t link it to my links page for a long time. Now I added.

The last entries are quotes of F機関—インド独立に賭けた大本営参謀の記録 (F Kikan-Indo Dokuritsu ni Kaketa Daihon’ei Sambou no Kiroku , “F Kikan – The Record of a Staff of Imperial Genearl Headquarters, Mortgaging for Indian Independence”, maybe, the English version is this link.) by Lt.-Gen. Iwaichi Fujiwara, lieutenant general of Japan Ground Self Defence Force and former lieutenant colonel of Imperial Japanese Army. He turned around the world in WW II as the learder of F Kikan. His organ persuaded Indian soldiers of British Indian Army to support Japan and Indian independence, as Indian National Army. Those operations feared Britain so much that its Director of Criminal Investigation of Malaya or so on said “Your operations are really glorious success.” or so on to Fujirawa, himself after the war. (I haven’t read the English source directly. So I cannot tell the exact phrase.) Although we got defeated both at the Imphal Campaign and at the war itself, Britain lost British Indian Army after the war. Indian National Congress (Mahatoma Gandhi’s ruling party of India after the independence.) supported INA soldiers after the war, with saying that Indian people have right of resistance against the Empress of India (= Queen of Britain). Indian people resisted for INA soldiers. And two years after the war, India got independence.

In Japan, some say that we didn’t fight against India because we always recognize that British Indian Army is army of Britain. Technically, it would be wrong that we didn’t fight against India but it’s natural to feel that. In addition, we, Japanese conservatives know Indian National Army. Nobody hide that India can be called a player of UN but that fact doesn’t appear much. You can say that India fought for United Nations but also that Indians were the biggest ally of Japan

円達也の政治ブログ (Tatsuaya Madoka’s Political Blog)

Tatsuya Madoka is a friend of mine as JIDOHOSHU on 2ch@IRC . He has meetings on #日本大好き (“We like Japan” in iso-2022-jp encoding, of the Japanese standard for IRC). He advertises that channel everywhere. So he could collect many members. I have a channel: #政治討論 (Political Debates) but few visit and we seldom have meetings there. He operates his channel for how to have Japan attracted among young Japanese people.

* In Japan, 2ch@IRC is the most famous since 2ch is the biggest Japanese forum site. Another most famous is IRCnet since you cannot find few documents about other IRC networks. I always recommend xchat2 since you can recognize that there are many IRC networks in the world. xchat2 is a UNIX client but you can get also the Windows version.

Emmanuel Chanel 日記 (Emmanuel Chanel’s Diary) started but…

Nobody or few will read it?
After I try installing WordPress 2.7 the Japanese version and makiing that share the users with this blog, since it seems difficult to delete the Japanese version, I made it my Japanese blog in public. That is Emmanuel Chanel 日記 (Emmanuel Chanel Nikki , Emmanuel Chanel’s Diary).
I’ll write entries when I want to do that in Japanese. Probably, I won’t post them every day.

I try registering Google Adsense and I find that I cannot change the size of the unit seen right below.

You would see the advertisement on the right side below now. I know that affiliate programs don’t earn me much. But I want even a little possibility of getting little money. I don’t see many access this website. So I can’t expect much money. I found unfavorable point.

On Google Adsence (at least the Japanese version), for making the unit on the right below, I register the unit on my account on that site. And I cannot change the size of the unit on its setting page. Someone on ディスカッション > トラブルシューティング > adsense unit (Discussion > Trouble Shooting > adsense unit) has already written that. And I dislike it as well as he does.

I moved my archive of “Shinkansen than TGV”.

“Shinkansen than TGV” (TGVより新幹線) is a series of threads of the Korea Forum @ 2ch, about Shinkansen (bullet trains), TGV, and high speed railway systems, with critics of the Korean situation. Formerly, Mr. mod5 keeps the past threads into his archive of them but it stopped many years ago. So I do that into Emmanuel Chanel Museum instead of him.
Many weeks ago, I found that the most of the past threads on that website not shown correctly. It’s a problem of the server’s setting on its free hosting service but it hasn’t been corrected for a long time. So I moved it to https://www.emmanuelc.dix.asia/~emmanuel/ temporarily.

I Put “Gofukakusain-Nijou” (後深草院二条) instead of “Japanese Medieval History Archives” (日本中世史アーカイヴズ)

Mr. Kotarou Suzuki has Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条), a website for Japanese medieval history. And recently, its webboard was called Japanese History Archives Web Board (日本中世史アーカイヴズ掲示板) for his union with Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ). But his trouble with one historian, the website is closed. So I put Gofukakusain-Nijou (後深草院二条) instead of Japanese History Archives (日本中世史アーカイヴズ).

Redesigning Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club

Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club is a website of conservative opinions. Its essays are written by Mr. Kita-no-Ookami, a web controversialist. And I administrate the website with his essays under his permission.

I have been redesigning it for a couple of weeks and I publish the new design by halves. So I updated more frequently than usual since I could find many to correct with redesigning.

The biggest change of the redesign is many HTML files to be converted to XHTML files. And I made his quotations much more recognizable by blockquote tags. I hope that it’s not corruption but alternation of an editor, although he would be surprised of the new design if he saw.

I updated also my own links page by that operation. I deleted the dead links of the Snake Board (It’s a nick name.), the Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea in Fukuoka.