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The Web Society for Thinking Textbooks

A society only with two: Aramar and Kita-no-Ookami.
It has some forums: New Funny Punch School(Talk), Chikurin School(Comments),and Web Diary.

Former Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club Directors

Around the Web Society of Thinking Textbooks

He talked about arts on Kita-no-Ookami, his own blog but it's not been updated now.

Dream Sky Hallway Trip

It's a common name of Aramar's blogs. There are these.

Opinions, main. It has the board for comments as the replacement of the blog's comment forms.
Sakura Nue
Imperial Blood
Japanese Ancient History

Genious Fool Board!

Genious Fool Board was Mr. Midnight-Run's website a long time ago. It's deleted by the hosting service. He operates some blogs and some web boards. Their name has a word of "board" but they are blogs.

Perfect Blog

Maho-Cast's blog. He writes reports mainly about rallies as a co-administrator and has Education Righting Implemention Netowork and The Blog of Society Aiming for Men's Human Right's Reinstatement. And he has also Male and Female Sound Fostering Agency.

About The Japanese Organization for Regeneration of Education

It's an organization made for the internal conflicts on Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform

Around Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform

The Web Dayly by Prof. Kanji Nishio
The official website of Prof. Kanji Nishio, a famous Japanese controversialist. Long time ago, asked by Toshiue no Hasegawa, Aramar and Kita-no-Ookami committed its administration but now they are away of it.
A Celeb Wife Think Continuously Today, Too
A blog of Toshiue no Hasegawa, the administrator of The Web Dayly by Prof. Kanji Nishio. She write stuff mainly about usual days.
Hey! Welcome! Thank You for Your Continued Patronage!
Mr. Akindo's blog. He was on a forum of The Web Dayly by Prof. Kanji Nishio in the old days. And he has been back after 5 years absence on the net.
The official website of a member of Hatsukaichi City Council, Hiroshima Pref: Shunji Kakuda. He posted many messages with a handle: Nerukehno on the net. It has the Dot Koumu Everything Web Board.
<Tantanjuku's Blog>
I hear that Tantanjuku is a members-only workshop led by Prof. Kanji Nishio.
Society for History Textbook Reform: Tokyo Branch
Now it's under the website of Group for Saving Prof. Nobukatsu Fujioka's Honor, about his Japanese Communist Party's membership. It has two web boards: the Tokyo Branch Web Board(Sequel 2).

The websites Where Kita-no-Ookami Flourished

Momotarou Web Board
The webboard of Nagatani-Tei that Heizou Hasegawa, MOMO, and Kita-no-Ookami started and MOMO administrates the web board. For a certain argument, Kita-no-Ookami is away from it.
Discovery Online
Kita-no-Ookami, Mr. Tfromj, Black Jukki and Mr.Shimanagasi refuted in Real History
Circle for Making Fun of "Brake Gohmanism Manifest Trial"
Kita-no-Ookami and many people on Nihon Cha Cha Cha Club refuted on the Meeting Room for Enjoying Break Gomanism Trial, its forum. And the forum got called a mirror site of NC4 and closed after that. Now the log of debate is only on UG Univ. Break Gomanism Institute
Century of China
Chinese Americans and so on accuse our "war crims". It had also a bullet-in board but it's closed after all.
HAN World
The forum where Kita-no-Ookami visits at the first. People estimate that it deletes too many unliked posts on its forum soon. I hear that he was labeled an anti-Japanese essayist for he talked on it.

Good Old Days around NC4

Websites Around Nihon Cha Cha Cha Club, defunct.

Nihon Cha Cha Cha Club
A currently distinguished Japanese forum by a member of Japanese Society for Histry Textbook Reform. It's the first website where Kita-no-Ookami flourished. He's got away for a case called the Nihoncha Civil War.
Administration of the History of Failures
Sammyadd's blog. He had Sammyad's Makeshift Record, an art website where Sammyadd puts his images and its Memorandum had Outrageous Books Detection Kit and so on. But it extinguished by Rakuten ending their free web hosting service.
: The website of Black Jukki M.D. . With soft contents and hard contents. Kim-chan's Say Decisively is funny and its guestbook: Kim-don Web Board was called the Mouse Board. He has also From Anatomy of Dogs to Frontier Medical Care, a blog criticizing animal-rights people.
The Kibidango Board
A web board by Merkatz, of Society for History Textbook Reform: Okayama Branch.
Cyber Study Group of Japanese History
A website of Mr. Ichiro Matsuo, studied the Rape of Nanking for some years. He refutes the Rape of Nanking so efficiently that the website is very famous in China. It has the English version: ABC of The Rape of Nanking.
The New Web Board for Supporting History Textbook Reform
A web board by members of Society of History, with Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform, living around Yokohama. As its sister boards, there are The New Web Board for Supporting History Textbook Reform(Around Sakurako) and The New Web Board for Supporting History Textbook Reform (Around Sakurako)(Hime Board Back).

Oriental Zodiac Web Boards Protecting NC4

An plan by NC4 regulars that they nickname their web boards

Links Each Other and Others

Cyber Study Group of Japanese History
A website of Mr. Ichiro Matsuo, studied the Rape of Nanking for some years. He refutes the Rape of Nanking so efficiently that the website is very famous in China. It has the English version: ABC of The Rape of Nanking.
Fabrication of the Rape of Nanking
A website of the essayist on 2ch; denying the Rape of Nanking: Mr. Guuse . It has 2ch Guuse's Questions Web Board, Actualite Blog "Guuse's Myosotis", and Called Net Rightist,.... There are another hall named Data Related to the Rape of Nanking, the other hall named the HP for Watching the Problme of Hiroshi Motomiya's Fabrication on "The Country Burns" and Hiroshi Yamamoto: the chairman of "the Academy of Outrageous Books", and the yet other hall named Guuse's Collection of Discussion on the Web Board(For ending the loop discussion on the Cyber Study Group of Japanese History Web Board).
Let's Know Japan!
A conservative blog by Tamanegi-Aikokusha. He's a good essayist about the Rape of Nanking and other historical recognitions.
Braves' Spirits
trekky's blog.
A website of Nobuo Kimura. He has Kimura Exile Record, a blog and introduced ('H`)y~~ Responsibility for Compensations and (About) Illegality of Japan-Korea Annexation part 4. to this website. It has also kimura-bbs, a web board.
"The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" and Japanese
A website of Mr. Tetsuo Sugii with critics of "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword". It looks like he made it a very big essay.
I'm a priest of Mizuya Shrine.
A blog of Kenichi Kubo, a priest of Mizuya Shrine. He linked his former website to Kita-no-Ookami Fan Clib and praised it a lot.
Nippon Blueribbon Party
It's an organization about the North Korean abduction problem, whose mother body is the youth party of the National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea. It campaigns the Blueribbon Movement.

Web Applications on Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club

Kent Web
I got a counter, web boards, and a search system here.
Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine
The search system inside Kita-no-Ookami Fan Club. Nothing of it is inside directly but I make the full text search index with it.
namazu Search Program the perl edition (pnamazu)
A CGI perl script for searching inside this website. It uses the search index made wit Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine.

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