John Thiel tries to delete his undesired history about our refutation of the Australian court’s jurisdiction over Antarctic waters.

John Thiel(Facebook / LinkedIn) often posts comments on the Facebook page of Japan Today. I don’t know what he says about the other topics of Japan well. But on its post of the Australian court’s rule against our whaling vessels , facing our refutation of its jurisdiction over Antarctic waters by Yamamoto San, Tricia Wiles, and me, he deleted his comment thread including our replies and reposted the same comment. So he tried to delete his undesired history about our refutation. Continue reading John Thiel tries to delete his undesired history about our refutation of the Australian court’s jurisdiction over Antarctic waters.

The Australian court rule over Kyodo Senpaku is internationally invalid, Dr. Troy Coyle.

Dr. Troy Coyle(FB / LinkedIn) is a Sea Shepherd and former Cove Guardian. She got a PhD degree in fishery at University of New South Wales(her doctoral thesis) but now she works for New Zealand Steel. And she often comes to Covie Monitor Project, the Facebook page against eco-terrorism on Taiji. Eco-terrorists including Sea Shepherd, Dolphin Project, and so on harass dolphin fishery of Taiji. So CMP watches those eco-terrorists’ activity and post our public opinions about whaling, dolphin fishery, eco-terrorism, and so on. And she usually face their refutations.

On the post about Project exhibition “The Whalers”, she refers the Australian federal court rule against our Kyodo Sempaku around 17 Nov. 2015.(the article of the Age, an Australian newspaper.) But the court have no jurisdiction over Antarctic waters. Continue reading The Australian court rule over Kyodo Senpaku is internationally invalid, Dr. Troy Coyle.

An ALT in Tanabe City copied stereotypical false accusation against Japanese education system.

Mike Rhodes(FB account) is an American living in Tanabe City, Wakayama, Japan. He is a private English teacher and he attends some extraordinary English classes for Shinjo Middle School as an Assistant Language Teacher. (He testified that he teaches English in a public middle school there. But those English-speaking teachers don’t teach English or so in ordinary classes of public schools in our education system. English-speakers can become ALTs without knowing English grammar well.) He started the argument with this. (It’s the comments on the post of Prime Minister’s Office of Japan FB page. So the emphases are put by me.) Continue reading An ALT in Tanabe City copied stereotypical false accusation against Japanese education system.

I uploaded the photography of Minamata Disease part of the society textbooks for 5th grade and the Nanjing Incident part of ones for 6th grade

I uploaded the photography of Minamata Disease part of the society textbooks for 5th grade and the Nanjing Incident part of ones for 6th grade to Those textbooks are inspected in 2010 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. The inspection of primary school textbooks this time is done in 2014, last year. It would be good to transcript those textbooks with making the album here but now I put the raw data on FTP. And I’ve deleted their EXIF information.
Those pictures mean that primary schools under Japanese public education law teach Minamata Disease and Nanjing Massacre. We, Japanese people are not against teaching the former. And we argue much about the latter. Anyway, all of us learn them. If we blindly believe our textbooks or if we take the inspection for absolute, few on the net would refute Nanjing Massacre.

Added on 29 Nov 2015
I deleted that photos from my anonymous FTP site on 26 Nov 2015. I found it problematic on copy rights…

I watched Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno on 20 Apr. 2015

Detective Conan is a Japanese mystery manga series It has the anime version aired on Yomiuri TV. Since it’s very popular among Japanese people, The TV broadcaster and so on release its anime movie every year together and the title of this year is “Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno”. The theme is Sunflower drawings of Vincent van Gogh.

  1. I couldn’t find which is the special guest star’s voice till the last part.
  2. I wondered how prestigeous Teitan High School is. Sonoko tells the press release in NY or so. So she might speak English very well.
  3. Since I always see Kaiun Nandemo Kanteidan(A Japanese TV show like Antiques Roadshow), van Gogh’s drawing is too expensive. Jirokichi paid 300 million USD for one. But it’s very rare that Kanteidan estimates more than 10 million yen.(About 84,000 USD) So the order of the drawing’s price is 10^3 times expensive to Kanteidan’s very rare antiques.
  4. It has a scene that Kid the Phantom Thief or so blasted the airplane. If it isn’t a terrorism, it’s a major crime like terrorism. It reminds me of that.
  5. I feel it funny that the special art museum for those van Gogh drawings is settled in a limestone cavern. I feel it very possible that such a cavern is protected by environmental law.
  6. The criminal of the DC movie may be usual characters among passionate researchers… It is said that scholars are often strongly opinionated.

I felt those.

I bought a new server on 29 Feb. 2015

I used a PC as a router/server machine. I bought it 8 years ago. And it didsn’t work well these months. So I’ve bought a new server. The model is HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2.
I heard that it didn’t support UEFI but BIOS. So it cannot boot the big harddrives like 3TB HDDs without RAID as far as I saw on the net. But I found that small bios_grub partition on the head of the storage enable grub2 to boot from such big drives without RAID. So I put 1MB partition on my harddrive. So now I can boot Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS.

Our government didn’t use the world’s tsunami donations for whaling.

It’s a quite old propaganda that our government use tsunami fund for whaling. But Sea Shepherd and other dolphin freaks still lie so repeatingly. And I pasted the refutation to Facebook very many times, too. Seeing Yamamoto San reprinted my refutaion, I decided to post this text on my entry for many people can do that. So free to reprint this text below.(This text is a bit different from my original. I revised some.)

* I updated on 25 Jan. 2015, for adding explanations of the word difference.

See the audit reports of Japan Red Cross:
The most of the donations from overseas are made through Red Cross. Those donations are called Tsunami Relief Fund(津波義援金, Tsunami Gienkin). It’s not our government’s Restoration Fund(復興基金, Fukkou Kikin) from our tax. (As you can see, Tsunami Gienkin and Fukkou Kikin are completely different words.)
Read this and understand it!:
The URI below is about the 311 earthquake published on 16 Dec. 2011. It’s on the official website of Minshutou, Democratic Party in Japan. It was the ruling party till late Dec. 2012.
> 福島の地域経済再生に向けては、県からの要望を踏まえ、第3次補正予算において復興基金の造成など総額約5340億円を措置し、医療や再生可能エネルギーといった新たな産業・雇用の創出や企業立地に向けた取り組みなどを図ることとしています。さらには、福島県が置かれている特殊な事情に鑑み、その対策を講じるための特別立法が必要と考えており、次期通常国会に法案を提出できるよう検討を進めています。
Translation: For the purpose of the regional economical restoration of Fukushima, with considering the prefecture’s request, on the 3rd revised budget, we take steps by PREPARATION OF THE RESTORATION FUND and so on with 534 billion yen in total. With that, we attempt medical services, new inductries like renewable energy, job creation, industrial loction, and so on. In addition, considering the special situation placed in Fukushima Prefecture, we think that we need special legistrations and we consider them to present the draft bills in the next ordinary sessin of the parliament.
Our Reconstruction Agency of the government has released these:
Translation: The Management and Operation Guidelines Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake Grant Fund
Translation: 13 Jan. Heisei 24(* 2012)
>第3 復興交付金基金の運営
Translation: 3. Operation of the Great East Japan Earthquake Grant Fund
Translation: +- 1. Creation of the Great East Japan Earthquake Grant Fund
Translation: the Great East Japan Earthquake Grant Fund is prepared by the grant-in-aid from the state(Japanese government). Still more, in the cases that plural ministers in charge issued the fund for the creation of the fund, same fund receive that and separate and fix by ministers in charge.
See also

So Yoree Koh of Wall Street Journal wrote this:
>But this year, onlookers are not only taking issue with the whaling expedition itself, but how extra government funding for the trip is being drawn from money intended to be used for reconstruction efforts from the March 11 disasters. The funds are from Japan’s own national budget, not charitable donations from overseas.
If you want to cause that our government uses the tsunami fund of Red Cross and so on with the donation from overseas, prove it!

I upgraded Linux Mint 17 to 17.1 on 4 Dec. 2014

I successfully upgraded Linux Mint from 17 to 17.1 yesterday by How to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1
It says:
>As excited as we are about 17.1, upgrading blindly for the sake of running the latest version does not make much sense, especially if you’re already happy with 17 and everything is working perfectly.
But I haven’t found any problems about Linux Mint 17… I wanted to examine 17.1.
Well, it’s good to do that as a member of Linux Mint Japan Members although I’m actually a lazy member.

I installed an IRC server on my home server on 27 Sept. 2014

I installed InspIRCd, an IRC server and anope, an IRC service daemon on 27 Sept.2014. I wish that there was a Japanese conservative IRC network free from anti-Japanese leftists’ oppression about political issues including historical recognitions, whaling, and so on in trend of the world’s IRC network technology. So with that installations, I founded SakuraDoori, a personal IRC network with only one server. The server name is and its port is +6697 (SSL).
Probably, only a few people come. But I felt like doing that by seeing, the most popular server of IRC@2ch( /, the most popular Japanese IRC network got independent because of 2ch’s trouble.